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Podcast Alert: Coffee-Fueled Stories... We Chat Italy, Food, & Pizza for Dessert??

I could not have had more fun talking with Michelle from the Coffee-Fueled Stories podcast!

We both have spent time in Rome (you can read more about my trip here), and couldn't contain our love of all things bread, pasta, and pizza! Michelle even admits to eating pizza for dessert... GENIUS.

We also chatted about my novel A Recipe from Rome, available now on Amazon, and most online book retailers.

Also discussed, how similar am I to the main character in my novel? Did visiting Italy improve our sad cooking skills? And, will there be a sequel to my novel?

I also do a short reading of the book... scroll ahead to about 33 minutes for that!

Listen below to get all the answers and more!

Or click here to listen to the episode.

I want to send you the first chapter of A Recipe from Rome for FREE! Plus, I'll even throw in a recipe bundle! Sign up here, or click the button below.

Learn more about Michelle's podcast and memoir here.

Listen to more episodes of her podcast here.


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