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Italy Chats: Bonnie Callahan Talks Inspiration Behind Book 'Remy Vs. Rome'

Clues left behind by the ancient Etruscans, a search for a stolen amulet, and a romance sparking between an Italian detective and an American girl trying to get over her ex. And it all takes place in the Eternal City in Bonnie Callahan's novel Remy Vs. Rome!

What is it about Rome that's so special? Watch the clip below as Bonnie and Laura chat about their favorite city in the world in this month's edition of Italy Chats!

Bonnie lived in Italy for four years, which allowed her to paint a vivid picture of Italy in her book. She discusses the pros and cons of living in a foreign country, and why Rome is such a magical setting for a story... After all, both of our books are set there!

Watch the full conversation below!

You can find her online at

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