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Help Shelter Pets This March with 'A Recipe from Rome!'

Last fall, A Recipe from Rome readers helped shelter pets just by buying a copy of my book. Well, I think it's time we do it again, don't you?

This March, I'm donating 50% of the profits from the sale of my book to Heartland Animal Shelter. This is a pretty special place. Let me tell you why:

In March of 2016, I flew the coop. But when I moved into my own apartment, it was much too quiet. And there wasn't nearly enough fur on my clothes. So, I went to Heartland and took home "Kitty," whom I renamed "Cinnabon" on the way home.

"Your name needs a little more... purrsonality, don't you think?" I asked her while she scowled in the carrier in the passenger seat. She didn't seem to get the joke - didn't even meow! I took that to mean she didn't object to being named after a gooey dessert, and the name - much like the food itself - stuck.

A few years later, I visited Italy. This trip would inspire me to pen my first novel, A Recipe from Rome. The main character in the book has a cat who is verrrrrry closely modeled after my own Cinnabon. Grumpy, plump, and just generally a no-b.s. kind of cat.

Sadly, Cinnabon crossed the rainbow bridge in January. (More on that here.) She was twenty-years-young, and had she lived until March, it would have marked eight years with her.

To honor Cinnabon's "adoptiversary," I'd love to support the shelter that brought her into my life in the first place.

Whether paperback is your jam, or you'd rather tap and read an e-book, every purchase from now until the end of March 2024 will help the animals at Heartland Animal Shelter! Buy a copy in honor of your own shelter pet, or a pet who is gone but remains in your heart. The animals will thank you! Or should I say "thank mew?"

A Recipe from Rome is available at most major online booksellers including:

Readers can also contact me here for a signed copy. Buy it now to help a shelter pet!


Laura Botten is the author of A Recipe from Rome. Buy here on Amazon, or head to your favorite online retailer to get your copy!

Not sure if you want to buy it just yet? Grab the first chapter for FREE here!


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