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'A Recipe from Rome:' The Reviews are In!

My debut novel has only been available for two days, and already the reviews are pouring in with resounding praise!

I am pinching myself!

Hop on over to Goodreads to see what readers are saying about A Recipe from Rome. Below are a few highlights:

Botten truly captures the magic of Italy in this authentic, well-written story.

I have never wanted to visit Italy more than I want to now.

Botten has done us all a delicious favor by writing a story so heartwarming, witty, unpredictable, tasty and moving. I am anxiously awaiting another book by her.

A Recipe from Rome is in equal parts endearing and laugh-out-loud funny! A must-read.

What a fun escape to Rome! I love books that give me an escape and A Recipe from Rome definitely gave me that escape.

This book was literal vacation vibes! Laura paints a beautiful picture of the atmosphere in Rome, with not only scent and vision but with smell and taste.

This book is about friendship and romance – all topped and served deliciously with Italian cuisine. This may be Laura’s first book, but I sincerely hope it won’t be her last. I highly recommend this fun trip to Italy.

A Recipe from Rome is available at all online book retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Get the e-book for only $1.99 now before the price goes up!

Not sure if you want to buy it just yet? Grab the first chapter for FREE below!

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