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Five (More) Rom-Com's Set in Rome

Few places are more majestic than the eternal city of Rome. With charming piazzas, gorgeous fountains, the flowing Tiber River, and church bells chiming from Vatican City, Rome is the perfect setting for a romantic comedy.

Here are five more books to add to your Rome Rom-Com list! (Click here for the first list!)

1. Three Coins by Kimberly Sullivan

At a 1950's movie night, three women form an unlikely friendship in the Eternal City. Emma is an American expat and a mom who has been living in Rome for twenty years. Tiffany, also born in America, dreams of dancing on an Italian TV show. And Annarita is an Italian-American who's been teaching English since moving to Italy. When their lives throw them lemons, the three women make the most out of it in Rome together.

2. Rome for the Summer by Lynne Shelby

The painting that used to hang in Kate Harper's parents' dining room always captivated her, but when her family was cheated out of the fortune it was worth, she heads to Rome for the Summer to uncover the truth behind the girl in the painting. There, she meets English artist Jamie Taylor, and not only can he help her find some answers, but also mend her own broken heart.

3. Wishing in Rome by Jennifer Skully

Best friends Dana and Carol had the perfect trip to Rome planned. But when Carol suddenly dies, Dana takes the trip alone. While there, she finds company in divorcee Marshall, who doesn't exactly have the rosiest views on love after his marriage fell apart. He sets out to be nothing more than a friend to Dana, but soon the romance of Rome makes that rather challenging.

4. From Rome with Love by Jules Wake

Lisa is having a hard time tracking down her estranged father in Rome. Luckily her friend Will (when did he get so hot?) is there to help her. But when Will shows Lisa around the eternal city, the romance of Rome isn't the only thing she falls in love with.

5. A Wedding in Rome by Holly Greene

Molly & Ben can't wait to tie the knot near the Trevi Fountain over the holidays, but the wedding isn't exactly smooth sailing. For one thing, Ben's parents can't quit complaining. For another, the wedding planner is far more interested in Molly's friend than in planning. Will things fall apart before they say "I do?"

And coming soon... my own debut novel

April Abbleby only wants two things in life: to get over her ex-fiancé, and to figure out her late mother’s secret ingredients. Problem is, her ex keeps texting, and she's lucky if she doesn't burn toast. When she hears from her old friend Simon Becker for the first time in fifteen years, she finds herself reuniting with him in the culinary capital of the world: Rome. The perfect place for both romance and recipes.

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Laura Botten is a voice actor and producer who is currently working on her first book, a novel set in Rome. Get more recipes with "A Taste of Italy," a FREE gift, here.

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